Control Lights with Your Android Phone App


Control Lights with Your Android Phone App



The Connection Between Smartphones & Home Lighting

When it comes to configuring your home to be a smart home, using intelligent lightings is maybe one of the cheapest and easiest ways to get going. The misconception out there is that in this procedure, only smart bulbs are involved. In hindsight, other gadgets such as smart switches and plugs can also contribute to a well-lit household.

Smart lights come in various sizes and capabilities because the needs of each home are different. When evaluating which are the best intelligent lights to buy, you should consider lighting that can work with artificial intelligence services such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

This makes it easy to control lights with your android phone or use other devices such as home hubs and smart speakers as well. This review will look at the procedure of controlling lights with your phone and the advantages of doing this as well.


Connecting Your Light bulbs to Your Android Phone

  • This process consists of locating and adding your bulbs to the smart bulbs OEM application or 3rd party application and also assigning the specific rooms that the lights are located in.
  • But the first plug in your smartphone
  • From the Play store download the OEM application or 3rd party application that can control the lights and run the application
  • Configure your device on the application using the given prompts
  • Screw-in your bulbs in the same household as the one that the Android smartphone is located in and turn on the lights
  • Now open the Downloaded App and select Yes if you are prompted to configure your smart bulbs.
  • Create a custom room in the application where the bulbs are located
  • Create exclusive names for all your smart bulbs and click next
  • If and when the light bulb blinks, it means the bulbs are connected to your android phone, and you can manually control them using the device or by using your voice with Google Assistant.


Controlling Your Lighting with Google

Once you have set the whole lot up, you can use voice commands to prompt your smartphone on which actions to execute. You can also open the application and manually control the lights and change settings according to your preference some of the actions the application can perform include:

Turning the lights on or off. This is the most essential action that the app performs, and it is as simple as tapping the on and off buttons depending on the application layout.

Adjusting brightness. This is a crucial feature of the application because, at times, you will not want the lighting dim because you are watching a movie, or you may want it bright when for instance, you are working in the kitchen.

Modify the color of lighting in a room. This enables the user to set the mood on various occasions and times, such as morning and at night, eating dinner or watching movies. The application gives you a color spectrum to choose from, but this feature works only with supported bulbs only.

Set wakeup and sleep time for the lights. The application can also enable you to set the times when the lights come to life in the morning such that when you wake up, you find the lights on and as you head to bed, the lights automatically turn off. This is a must-have for a lot of individuals in their homes.


Advantages of Controlling Lights with Your Android Phone

  • Ease of controlling lights. When controlling lights with your android phones more often than not, all the lights in the home are connected to the phone. This means that you can configure them all at once with the touch of a button on your phone.
  • Monitoring your household. Some smart lights come equipped with Cameras, and this enables the owner of the home to see what’s happening inside the house when they are at work, running errands, and plenty more besides.
  • Remote control of lights. Some smart light applications enable the user to be able to control their intelligent lights remotely. This is very crucial because one might forget to switch off a particular light as they leave the house, the application will notify them and they can then switch off the lights.



To sum it all up, controlling your lights with your android smartphone is very rewarding as we have seen above. This therefore means anyone that wishes to invest in smart lighting for their home, should consider equipment manufacturers with the best and most flexible smartphone applications.