Floor Lamp with Remote

Top 5 Best Floor Lamps With Remote Control

If you are looking for an easy and convenient way of lighting up a space, you should definitely consider getting a floor lamp with remote. These lamps are incredibly portable, something that adds to their flexibility in terms of usage. They are also great at softening a room since they offer the perfect eye-level lighting solution. This, in addition to the fact that they usually come in a stylish and minimalistic design, means that you can also use them to complement your existing decor.


Floor Lamp with Remote


However, if you want to get even more flexibility and convenience, going for a remote-controlled floor lamp is advisable. This is because these lamps offer all the great lighting and portability advantages that come with great floor lamps, in addition to the convenience of not having to manually adjust a lamp's settings.

The following are the best floor lamps with remote controls in the market.

Joofo Floor Lamp


Bright Floor Lamp


The Joofo floor lamp is both popular and highly rated. This is because it is stylishly designed, it gets really bright, and it has all the high-end features that make it a great floor lamp with remote control.

For starters, it has both remote control and touch control features. These features make it incredibly convenient to use. Essentially, if you are away from the lamp, you can simply adjust its settings without moving, and if you are close enough to adjust it manually, you don't have to suffer the inconvenience of fidgeting with buttons.

The lamp has a good weight to it. This guarantees its stability, and so if you have kids or pets around your house or office, you don't have to worry about it getting toppled over. However, this does not mean that it is bulky. With its thoughtful design, it is still small enough to fit in tight corners and the space under your sofa.

The Joofo floor lamp gets really bright, it has adjustable color temperature and a step-less dimming feature, and it doesn't overheat even when it is used over an extended period of time.

Dodocool Standing Light

Dodocool Standing Light

The Dodocool standing light is a remote-controlled floor lamp that is both popular and highly rated.  It is well made and it comes in a sleek and modern design that allows it to blend with any modern decor.

Thanks to its easy-to-use controls that comprise of touch control and smart remote control, this lamp is really convenient. And when you add this to the fact that it also has highly adjustable light settings, offers eye protection, and is incredibly portable, it is easy to understand why it is so highly rated.

What people love most about this floor lamp is the intuitiveness of its controls, its sleek and modern design, and the array of colors that it comes in. 

The fact that it has up to 6 scene modes, brightness adjustability of between 10% and 100%, 4 adjustable color temperatures, and a highly adjustable flexible gooseneck, cements it as one of the best remote-controlled floor lamps in the market today.

Albrillo Dimmable Floor Lamp

The Abrillo Dimmable floor lamp comes with a remote control that you can comfortably operate from up to 25 feet. The fact that its remote has a memory feature makes it way more convenient than the average floor lamp with remote control.

However, it’s not all about the remote control feature when it comes to this lamp. It works really well as a lamp since it not only has a 1600lm output, but also different temperature settings that are adjustable up to 5000k. And the fact that you can adjust its brightness within the range of between 100% and 5% makes it that much more convenient.

Its lamp head has a 350-degree range of motion, making it ideal for use in different settings and at different heights. And while it features a tall design, it comes with a perfectly weighted base that offers great stability.

For those who care about saving energy, this floor lamp is also a great option. This is because while it gives out a brightness output that is equivalent to a 200W lightbulb, it uses only 10% of the energy that the average 200W bulb normally uses.

The floor lamp is easy to use, stylishly designed, remote-controlled, and it saves energy. For most people, it meets all the criteria of a great floor lamp.

Barrina LED Floor Lamp

Barrina LED Floor Lamp

The Barina floor lamp is a 12W remote-controlled floor lamp that has an output of up to 850lm. It has technology that allows it to shine brightly without any signs of glare or flickering, something that goes a long way towards making it safe for the eyes.

This lamp has adjustable settings that make it really convenient to use. It has adjustable color settings that will allow you to create any mood or effect you desire. Its lamp head has a 360-degree range of motion, making it perfect for use in almost any area of your home. And its brightness is incredibly adjustable.

As for its controls, they are designed to ensure that they are easy to use and convenient. It features both a touch switch and a remote control, both of which are made easy to operate especially when you consider the fact that the lamp comes with a memory function.

One thing that you will love most about getting this floor lamp is the customer support that it comes with. The company not only offers a 2-year warranty for their lamps, but also -- as is evident in most reviews of the product -- tend to provide replacements in case a user encounters any problems with their product. This is something that has contributed heavily to their positive reviews, and you will likely appreciate it.

Syrinx Floor LED Lamp

The Syrinx floor lamp is a remote-controlled LED lamp that has an adjustable gooseneck. This adjustability ensures that it can be bent to almost any position that is necessary to ensure the best lighting and maximum comfort. This, combined with its sensitive touch and remote control features, makes it one of the most convenient lamps in the market.

The lamp is easy to use, thanks to its intuitive controls. It is also easy to install mainly because it features a simple structure.

It has settings that can allow you to dim it to varying degrees. And you can also adjust its color temperature to five different levels. Considering that it also has two timer settings and that you can play with all these settings by using a remote, it is no surprise that this floor lamp has overwhelmingly positive customer reviews and ratings,

It is a solid lamp that is well designed and can comfortably light up a small room. If you are looking for a functional floor lamp with a small footprint, you should definitely check out the Syrinx Floor LED Lamp.

Trying out any of the lamps on this list will not disappoint you. All these lamps have highly adjustable settings, have a stable base, and are incredibly bright. They also have step-less dimming, a feature that makes it easy for one to create the perfect mood or lighting.