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Aeotec Door/Window Sensor 7

  • Smallest 3-in-1 Zwave Door Sensor Window Sensor. MultiSensors include magnetic contact, dry contact relay, and a tilt sensor. The tilt detection must be in operation with the magnet sensor in its description.40% smaller than previous generation at only 2.8”x0.75”x0.7” (main body)
  • 3 year+ battery life powered by 1 x 1/2 AA battery. Optimised to use up to 66% less battery power to communicate than previous generations.
  • With a SmartStart enabled gateway, you can connect it to your ZWave hub by simply scanning its QR code. From there, stick it to your door and Door / Window Sensor 7 is ready to power your home and protect it.
  • Zwave Window Sensor 7 is powered by the speed enhancements that come from Z-Wave Plus and Z-Wave S2 enabling it to wireless communicate 50% faster and up to 67% further in real-world use.
  • Compatible with Samsung SmartThings, Vera, Zipabox, HomeSeer, Ring, Open Z-Wave, Nexia, Domoticz and more., Frequency: 908.40 MHz, 916.00 MHz, ID: ZC12-20080085
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Aeotec Door/Window Sensor 7

The Aeotec Door/Window Sensor 7 is a Z-Wave Plus device for detecting if a door or window is opened or closed. Small, battery powered (included) and easily attached to virtually anything that opens or closes around your home. Door Window Sensor 7 also includes universal “dry contact” terminals allowing you to wire in other external sensors. Z-Wave Plus certified, the AEOTEC Door/Window Sensor 7 is compatible with all certified Z-Wave gateways including Control4 (Z-Wave enabled), HomeSeer, Indigo for Mac, and Vera/Ezlo Edge/VeraPlus/VeraSecure/Athom Controllers.

It’s Aeotec’s fastest sensor yet with 50% faster communication than other models. Its sensor’s enhanced sensitivity and use of Z-Wave S2 and Aeotec’s exclusive Spatial Intrusion Algorithm means that the Z-Wave wireless signals your smart home depends on are transmitted, received and processed instantly.

Maximised wireless range.

To be simple to install, it has to be wireless. To secure your home, its engineering has to be perfect. Door / Window Sensor 7 is powered by the speed enhancements that come from Z-Wave Plus and Z-Wave S2 enabling it to communicate wirelessly 50% faster and up to 67% further in real-world use.

Optimised battery life.

Wireless is convenient but having to change batteries too often is annoying. That’s why Door / Window Sensor 7 features a unique balance of hardware and software optimisations which allow it to use up to 66% less battery power to communicate via Z-Wave Plus. It’s German engineering at its very best.

Intelligent multi-sensor.

It’s not just a security or an intelligence sensor – it’s a 3-in-1 multipurpose sensor. Door / Window Sensor 7 features a unique layering of a contact sensor (reed switch), gyroscope and universal binary input sensor.

Secure security.

It drives your home’s security – so it needs to be secure. Door / Window Sensor 7 combines ECDH key exchange and AES-128 bit communication encryption to render man-in-the-middle and brute force hacking virtually impossible.

Package contents:

  1. Sensor Unit.
  2. Cover
  3. Big Magnet.
  4. Small Magnet.
  5. Double-Sided Tape large (×2).
  6. Double-Sided Tape small (x2).
  7. Screws (×4).
  8. Dowels( x4).

Please read this and other device guides carefully. Failure to follow the recommendations set forth by Aeotec Limited may be dangerous or cause a violation of the law. The manufacturer, importer, distributor, and/or reseller will not be held responsible for any loss or damage resulting from not following any instructions in this guide or in other materials.

Keep product and batteries away from open flames and extreme heat. Avoid direct sunlight or heat exposure. Always remove all batteries from products that are being stored and not used. Batteries may damage the appliance if they leak. Do not use rechargeable batteries. Ensure correct polarity when inserting the batteries. Improper battery use may damage the product.
Door / Window Sensor 7 is intended for indoor use in dry locations only. Do not use in damp, moist, and/or wet locations.

It contains small parts; keep away from children.

The sensor can be mounted either on the moving part or on the fixed part of a door or a window. Mounting can be accomplished either using the tape by peeling off the protection foil or using two screws with the holes inside the battery compartment. If the tilt detection on a window (only normal windows, no roof windows) shall be used the sensor device must be placed on the moving part of the window and the magnet on the window frame.