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Aeotec Wall Swipe

Connector Type Screw
Switch Style Dimmer Switch
Mounting Type Wall Mount
International Protection Rating IP54
Color White
Unit Count 1 Count
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Aeotec Wall Swipe
  • Plug outlet plates give your home’s wall switches a modern upgrade. Note: To connect WallSwipe, it requires Aeotec Nano device running firmware 2.0 or greater.
  • Z-wave paddle switch extends the power of Aeotec’s Nano range of in-wall, Z-Wave controllers to offer a multitude of different wall switch controls including tap, long-press- swiping and sliding. WallSwipe’s inbuilt IR sensor extend the control one further, allowing you to use gestures to control the wall switch from up to 5.9 inches afield.
  • WallSwipe is automatically compatible and dependent on any of Aeotec’s Nano, in-wall range, including Nano Dimmer, Nano Switches, Nano Shutter, and Dual Nano Switches. The combination works as a dimmer, one load switch, two loads switch, and motor controller.
  • The slider indicating lights works to reflect different features when working as a dimmer, switch, or motor controller. The package comes with WallSwipe x 1, manual x 1, connection cable x 1, and screw x 2.
  • Easy to install, simply plug WallSwipe into your Nano via the connection port and affix it to your wall. When installing 2 or more WallSwipes side-by-side, you can disable the gesture control to remove the potential for accidental and incorrect commands.