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August Smart Keypad, Pair with Your August Smart Lock - Grant Guest Access with Unique Keycodes

  • ADD TO YOUR AUGUST LOCK FOR ENTRY WITH KEYCODES: Use the August app to give friends, family, guests, and service people quick and easy access with unique key codes
  • EASY INSTALL: Sets up and connects to your August lock via Bluetooth in minutes
  • MOUNT ANYWHERE WITHIN BLUETOOTH RANGE: Mount near your door, on your door, or any discreet location with 10 feet from your lock
  • PERFECT FOR AIRBNBS, VACATION RENTALS OR HOME SHARE: No more bulky, confusing combination lock boxes or hiding the key under the mat. Assign key codes for your guests that expire automatically at check out
  • ONE TOUCH LOCKING: If you head out without your phone or keys, just press the August logo on the keypad for easy, one-touch locking
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August Smart Keypad, Pair with Your August Smart Lock - Grant Guest Access with Unique Keycodes

Never leave keys under the mat again with the August Smart Keypad, Dark Gray. We all want to be as safe as possible, but there are also those who we want to have access to our homes. It can be challenging to manage security with multiple copies of your door key for friends and family or to ensure continued access when locks are changed. This smart lock keypad allows you to create unique entry codes to give to family, friends, your dog walker or handyman. They can then use their personalized code to lock and unlock your August Smart Lock without a traditional key or a smartphone. The August keypad is simple to set up, easy to use and controls your August Smart Lock via secure Bluetooth technology. The kit also includes two AAA batteries, two screws, two wall anchors and double-sided tape along with instructions.