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C by GE LED Strip Lights Extension

  • Upgrade your smart home: C by GE LED Light Strips paired with a Cync or C by GE smart plug in the Cync mobile app enables out of home control for devices. Add Alexa control when you enable your Alexa voice assistant (sold separately).
  • Control your smart LED strip lights away from home: With C by GE RGB lights, never come home to a dark house. Pair these LED strips with Cync or C by GE smart plugs in the Cync mobile app to control your LED light strips when you're not at home.
  • Enable voice control for hands-free control of your LED light strip: Pair these smart LED strip lights with Cync or C by GE smart plugs in the Cync mobile app to make Google and Alexa LED strip lights. (Voice assistant and plug sold separately)
  • Custom schedules for your LED strip: Forget to turn off the lights before work? No problem; C by GE LED light strips can be automated with a schedule to turn on and off. Create customized schedules for your LED strip lights on different days of the week.
  • LED lights for bedrooms with millions of colors: Create a scene with these smart LED lights to match your style or mood by exploring millions of vibrant colors. These LED strip lights also offer a wide range of warm and cool light options.
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C by GE LED Strip Lights Extension

The C by GE Full Colour smart LED light strip extension helps create the perfect mood or vibe in any room. Select from millions of colours, including tunable white light that’s synced with your body’s sleep/wake cycle. Set schedules and scenes, change colour and dim from your smart phone. The Full Colour smart light strip is Made for Google, so set up is simple and doesn’t require a hub or bridge when paired with a Google Home device. Plug in. Pair. Speak. Then enjoy out of home and voice control through your Google Home device. Pair with the C by GE smart plug, smart switch, or C-Reach smart bridge and Alexa or Apple Home Kit for out of home and voice control. Cut the light strip to size or link up to 32-feet to add an elegant glow around counters, cabinets, soffits and headboards. Power supply sold separately.