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C by GE Tunable White Direct Connect Smart Light Bulb with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Product details:
Special Feature Color
Light Type LED
Indoor/Outdoor Usage Indoor
Wattage 9.5 watts
Light Color White
Brand GE
  • Smart bulbs that work with Alexa: Directly connect these smart LED bulbs to your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa (sold separately) for voice control. With Google Assistant or Alexa, light bulbs with voice control will help create your smart home.
  • Wi-Fi light bulbs: Easily connect these smart light bulbs directly to your Wi-Fi router, providing voice control for your C by GE smart bulbs through voice assistants (sold separately) and control away from home - no hub or bridge required.
  • Manage your smart bulbs away from home: Get added home security and convenience by controlling your Wi-Fi light bulbs with the Cync mobile app. With these C by GE smart lights, never come home to a dark house or disrupt your comfort from bed.
  • Smart lights with adjustable white temperature: These smart light bulbs allow you to adjust white light to any color temperature between warm, amber light (2000K) and cool, bluish tones (7000K), including settings optimized for your sleep/wake cycle.
  • LED smart bulbs: These smart lights fit medium base sockets for 60W incandescent A19 bulbs, helping make your house a smart home. These smart LED light bulbs use 84% less energy and last 15 times longer than a 60W incandescent bulbs.
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C by GE Tunable White Direct Connect Smart Light Bulb with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Use Tunable White Smart Bulbs to get the perfect light for every time of day. From bright, vibrant light in the morning, to soft, white light in the afternoon, and a cozy amber glow at night, these bulbs support your sleep/wake cycle and every time in between. Get added confidence by scheduling your lights so you never coming home to a dark house. With voice control and the ability to control your lights away from home, you’ll get the added convenience of controlling your lights while away on vacation or when your hands are full.