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Centralite 4-Series Smart Outlet

  • 【Smart Outlet & Energy Monitoring 】: Existing home electronics, lights, and appliances gain new functionality thanks to the Centralite 4-Series Smart Outlet. You can add sophisticated automation features right away by connecting the Smart Outlet between an outlet and any appliance or device. It is an inexpensive way to automate almost anything as it can be used with your existing ZigBee hub to react to alerts, schedules, and scenes!
  • 【Save Energy, Save Money】: The Centralite 4-Series Smart Outlet can help cut energy costs by automatically switching off lighting and home appliance when not in use. Your home can automatically control when devices are on or off thanks to smart scheduling. The Smart Outlet can turn off lights and appliances when rooms are unoccupied when combined with motion and door sensors. When you leave for work or go to bed, you can turn off every appliance in your home at a pressing of a single button.
  • 【Compact Design】: Due to its compact size the Centralite 4-Series Smart Plug is space-efficient and it will not occupy the nearby socket. The design of the smart plug enhances use effectiveness and harmonizes beautifully with the panel. The range of other ZigBee devices is increased by the Smart Plug's built-in ZigBee repeater.
  • 【Ultimate Compatibility & Certified Safe】: The 4-Series Smart Outlet is fully ZigBee Smart Outlet HA 1.2 certified, allowing it to work with any open, ZigBee HA 1.2-certified hubs and devices. The Smart Outlet, which is UL Listed for Safety, provides a reliable and secure answer to your appliance Smart Outlet control needs.
  • 【Customers Satisfaction】: We stand behind our Centralite 4-Series Smart Plug because your convenience is Centralite's top priority. Any problems with the quality are resolved with a replacement or a refund. Please get in touch with us if you run into any problems installing the Centralite 4-Series Smart Plug, and a member of our customer service team will be happy to help.
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Centralite 4-Series Smart Outlet