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Fibaro Dimmer 2

  • Adds Z-Wave control to an existing switched light
  • Universal to support most dimmable and non-dimmable light sources
  • Optionally turns existing switch buttons into a scene trigger
  • Reports energy usage (instantaneous W and accumulated KWh)
  • Z-Wave Plus certified for wide compatibility
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Fibaro Dimmer 2

Enable Z-Wave control for almost any light fixture by wiring it into the FIBARO Z-Wave Dimmer 2 (U.S.). Designed to wire into your existing wall switch and retrofit into your switch’s electrical box, this dimmer module provides On/Off/Dim control for dimming loads and On/Off control for non-dimming loads. You can control the light with the wall switch or remotely via Z-Wave. As a universal dimmer, the module works with most lighting types, including incandescent, halogen, LED, and CFL. Installation is possible in buildings with both 2- and 3-wire systems, so while a neutral wire setup is supported, the neutral is not required. Compatible with various types of switches, the dimmer has an algorithm of smart light source detection that automatically detects the type of light source connected and calibrates itself for optimal operation. An integrated multi-color LED (RGB) indicates your installation progress and assists you in performing the range test. COMPATIBLE LOADS: As a dimmer: 230V incandescents and halogens; 12V ELV halogens (with electronic transformers); 12V MLV halogens (with ferromagnetic transformers); Dimmable LEDs; Dimmable compact fluorescent (CFL) tube lamps; Using FIBARO Bypass FGB-002 (not supplied), any dimmable light source up to 225VA in 2-wire connection (depending on the type of load). As a switch: Non-dimming compact fluorescents (CFL); Non-dimming LEDs; Using FIBARO Bypass FGB-002 (not supplied), any dimmable light source up to 225VA (depending on the type of load). FEATURES: Optionally turns switch buttons into a scene trigger. Reports energy usage (instantaneous W and accumulated KWh). Built-in overheating, overload, and voltage drop protection. “Z-Wave Plus” certified for wide compatibility. Memory of last lighting level settings. Responds to All On/All Off commands. Soft start function. Built-in timer (auto – off). NOTE: Requires a Z-Wave network controller. Loads less than 50W may require a FIBARO Dimmer Bypass 2 FGB-002 (not included).