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GLEDOPTO 6W/9W/12W LED Downlight

Color Pro 12w Waterproof
Material Aluminum
Light fixture form Recessed
Room Type Bathroom, Bedroom, Living Room
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GLEDOPTO 6W/9W/12W LED Downlight
  • 【Waterproof Zigbee3.0 Recessed Downlight】💡GLEDOPTO 12W LED Downlight adopt Zigbee 3.0 protocol, which means that is more compatible with general Zigbee bridge or coordinator and connect with ZigBee3.0 Gateways more stably and conveniently. Moreover, the mesh function also included.(Compatible with Amazon Echo Plus/SmartThings/Tuya/Conbee/Terncy)
  • 【16 Million Colors RGBCCT Downlight】💡GLEDOPTO zigbee 3.0 Pro RGBCCT downlight has 16 Million Colors Changing. You can free to choose one color as you like. Indoor lighting for shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, offices, conference rooms, department stores, exhibition centers, villas, living room, bedroom, bathroom etc. will be much suitable.
  • 【1%~100% Brightness Adjustment & 2200K~6500K Color Temperature】💡GLEDOPTO zigbee 3.0 Pro RGBCCT downlight can create warm white light and cold white light that color temperature can be changed from 2200K to 6500K, and brightness from 1% to 100%.
  • 【APP/Voice/Remote Control】💡Amazon Alexa voice control, smart phone App control with gateway, 2.4G RF remote control without a need of gateway are all supported to control the light through GLEDOPTO Zigbee3.0 RGBCCT downlight.
  • 【IP54 Waterproof Grade & Deep Cup Anti-glare】💡With waterproof rubber ring, GLEDOPTO zigbee 3.0 Pro RGBCCT downlight can be waterproof to a certain extent. Besides, downlights help maintain the overall unity and perfection of the interior decoration and without destroying the settings of chandelier and other lamps. The light source is hidden inside the decoration, not exposed, no glare, and the LED light source gives people more visual effects. It is soft and even.