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Honeywell Home RDWL313P2000 Doorbell

  • Choose from 7 halo light colors and 6 tunes to create a truly personalized alert.
  • The plug-in design makes this Series 3 Wireless Doorbell easy to install in any room with an electrical outlet and allows it to double as a nightlight.
  • The volume can be adjusted up to 84 decibels or muted with the option to set notifications to visual lighting alerts only.
  • Robust wireless signal provides range up to 250 feet.
  • The LED strobe alerts can be set to light up when the doorbell is pressed.
  • Plug-in model (no batteries needed).
  • Included with the doorbell is a white, surface-mount push button made of weather resistant plastic.
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Honeywell Home RDWL313P2000 Doorbell

The 3 Series Wireless Doorbell with Strobe Light and Push Button brings comfort and convenience right to your doorstep. This easy-to-install, plug-in doorbell can move around the home. It features LED strobe alerts and an illuminated halo LED push button with a 250-foot range. Plus it offers high quality sound with 6 chime tunes for a simple, yet sophisticated experience.