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Leviton Vizia 600W Electronic LV Dimmer

vizia rf + scene capable dimmers fit into standard wallboxes and replace regular switches or dimmers to provide local and remote ON/OFF/DIM/BRIGHT control for Incandescent, Electronic Low Voltage and Magnetic Low Voltage lighting loads. vizia rf + dimmers also provide scene control capability when used with vizia rf + scene controllers. They respond to local manual control and commands sent from Leviton vizia rf + controllers or other Z-Wave compatible controllers and programmers.
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Leviton Vizia 600W Electronic LV Dimmer


  • 600W electronic low-voltage only
  • Energy Save Mode reduces power consumption and extends bulb life
  • Preset ON Level option sets the brightness level when the device is turned on, regardless of the previous level
  • Minimum Brightness Level option sets the minimum brightness level the dimmer will output prior to turning completely off
  • 49 possible combinations of fade rates, from soft to instant
  • Horizontal 7-step green LED display indicates selected brightness level
  • LED Bar option to allow the LED display to change from a single point LED to a cumulative bar indicating brightness level
  • LED Display option can adjust the length of time display remains lit
  • Dimmers require 40W minimum load
  • Transient surge protection to IEC Level 4
  • ESD protection to IEC 1000 4-2 Level 4 to protect against damage and memory loss due to static discharges
  • VRE06 electronic low voltage dimmer has resettable overload protection that automatically shuts off when dimmer capacity is exceeded
  • Hardwired 3-way Dimming: Works with the vizia + coordinating and matching dimming remote (VP00R) for hardwired 3-way or up to 10 location control
  • Virtual RF 3-way Dimming works with vizia rf + 1-button zone controller/virtual matching dimmer remote (VRCZ1-1L)
  • RFI filtering for radio, audio and video equipment
  • Leviton Power Extenders can be used to extend the load capacity of vizia + dimming wall switch receivers
  • Wireless RF technology creates a mesh network for command and control interoperability
  • Return-to-neutral design
  • Two-way status updates when used with Leviton vizia rf + controllers
  • vizia +. style push pad blends seamlessly with other devices in the vizia + family
  • Quality construction with consistent form factor, excellent ergonomic traits and precision feel
  • High gloss finish complements a wide range of decors
  • Green locator LED illuminates when load is OFF
  • Superior versatility provides six products options in one box: 3 changeable faceplates and single pole or 3-way
  • Universal design provides crisp actuation and minimal travel
  • Fits into a single-gang 18 cubic-inch wallbox compatible with Decora Plus. screwless and Decora standard wallplates
  • Responds to Vizia RF + Controllers as well as Z-Wave certified controllers from other manufacturers
  • ON/OFF scene and zone control compatibility
  • Local and remote ON/OFF control of connected loads
  • Pro-Level integration with selected products and brands