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NEO Coolcam Motion Sensor

PIR is a passive infrared detector or physical sensor.the sensor doesn't emit any energy but only passively receive and detect infrared radiation from outside.under room temperatur.all items have radiation.Human beings are warm-blooded animal with stable infrared radiation.are most easily to be detected.That's why we also call it body snsor.PIR send messages via Z-wave network to the Z-wave mail controller.In the Z-Wave network communications.PIR can be connected to any Z-wave main controller.different countries or areas.the radio frequency is different of the Z-wave main controller.different countries or areas.the radio frequency is different of the Z-wave network.In the communication between the PIR and Z-wave main controller.PIR can only send messages,not be able to receive messages.When the PIR is triggered.PIR will send messages to the Z wave main controller.and associate devices to work through the z wave main controller.The PIR is battery powered,is small and con be installed easily
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NEO Coolcam Motion Sensor


3 in one,Motion detection Lux Temperature

Compatible with 300 series and 500 series

Range: up to 70m outdoor up to 50m indoor

Power supply: CR123A x 1

Standby current: 15uA

Battery life: 1.2 years

Detection range: 7 meters

Viewing angle: 90 degree

Operation temper: 0-40°

Storage temperature: -20-60°

Product size(D*W*H): 45x 45 x 48mm


Z-Wave Radio Frequency: EU version 868.4MHZ on