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Philio PIR Motion Sensor

  • Instantly detects movement within a 12 meter zone
  • Trigger automation such as lighting scenes and/or security alarms
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor user (waterproof IP43 protection class)
  • Includes Wall/Ceiling mount, 2 year battery and built-in Z-Wave 5th GEN chip
  • Compact and discreet design blends in with any decor.
  • Compatible with all major controllers and features over-the-air updates
The Philio PIR Motion Sensor provides advanced automation and security features for your smart home. Trigger lighting scenes, HVAC settings, security alarms, and receive immediate alerts when motion is detected.
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Philio PIR Motion Sensor

The Philio PIR Motion Detector is a compact yet powerful ball design sensor which detects movements at distances of up to 12 meters. The sensor can be easily installed on the ceiling or a wall thanks to a supplied magnetic holder. Then your lights switch-on only when the movement is detected, and if there is no person in the room, the lamps do not switch on.

In addition, the sensor is suitable for outdoor use, allowing you to extend your automation and alarm system to the outside. The sensor is battery-operated and can be easily added to your Z-Wave Smart Home System.

Automatically illuminate a dark hallway at night or turn on a nightlight when the kids wake up. Turn on living room and kitchen lights when your car pulls into the garage. The Motion Sensor provides virtually limitless flexibility for interacting with your home.

Use the sensor to protect multiple entry locations in your smart home or to trigger automatic scenes. The motion sensor also makes sure you are kept informed by sending motion alerts instantly to your phone, tablet or computer.

A tamper-proofed device, the sensor’s Lithium battery provides over 2 years of use in normal situations.