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Qubino Flush Module Pilot Wire




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QUBINO - Z-Wave Flush module Pilot Wire ZMNHJD1

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Qubino Flush Module Pilot Wire

NOTE: This device operates at 868.4 mhz Z-Wave frequency. Please make sure that you have a Z-Wave controller with the same frequency. This frequency (868.4 mhz) is used in CEPT countries, Europe, the EU, China, Singapore, South Africa, UAE, Qatar, Singapore

This Z-Wave plus module is used to control electric Radiators with 6 different working modes by pilot wire control signal. The module can be controlled either through a Z-Wave network or through the wall switch.

The module is designed to be mounted inside a “flush mounting box” and is hidden behind a traditional wall switch. Module supports connection of digital temperature sensor.

It is designed to act as repeater in order to improve range and stability of Z-wave network.

It is a micromodule, the smallest of its kind in the world. This means that Installation is simple and is carried out in 2 parts. The first consist of mounting the module inside a mounting box, which is really simple due to a special designed casing (ease of cabling fixing). Proved and tested by professional electricians.

It has extremely low energy consumption, less than 0,7W. The module is also measuring the power consumption of the connected electrical device in Watts and total consumption in kWh. The power consumption data can be easily collected and aggregated without any additional costs.

Extended operating temperatures from -10 to 40˚C.

Safety test of temperature rise, construction requirements, insulation resistance and electric strength, overload test according to EN 60669-2-1 standard done by an independent institute (SIQ – Slovenian Institute of Quality and Metrology).