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Satco 86-102 Bulb, White

Product Details:

Brand Satco
Color White
Material Glass
Room Type Home Office
Usage For indoor use only

About this item

  • Pair with a Z Wave smart home or security system like Samsung SmartThings or Ring Alarm to lock and unlock from anywhere
  • Satco - 86-102 - Dimmer Controls & Switches - White
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Satco 86-102 Bulb, White

Satco 86/102 is a member of the Z-Wave family and communicates with other Z-Wave certified devices in a control network. 86/102 replaces a standard in-wall light switch and turns it into a Z-Wave controlled network device. Each Z-Wave device serves as a node to repeat the signal in the network, thus, extending the overall Z-Wave mesh wireless network range. Different types and brands of Z-Wave devices can be associated with Satco in your system and they will work together to optimize and expand the coverage of your Z-Wave network. Once setup is completed, you can enjoy the convenience and leisure which 86/102 offers.

GROUP/ALL enabled, if supported by controller; Multiple scene control using double and triple tap; Supports Central Scene command class; Over-The-Air firmware upgrade available, if supported by controller; Supports Network Wide Inclusion (inclusion through a repeater), if supported by controller.

Needs a Z-Wave compatible controller