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Sengled Motion Sensor Flood Light Outdoor Security Light PAR38

Product details
Special Feature Waterproof for outdoor use, Always on mode, Built-in Dusk to dawn sensor. Auto ON/OFF, Built-in Motion sensor; Motion Activated, Energy saving
Light Type LED
Indoor/Outdoor Usage Outdoor, Indoor
Wattage 11.5 watts
Light Color Warm_white
  • 3000K Soft White and Energy Saving: 100-watt replacement uses only 11.5 watts of energy and produces about 1050 lumens of light, saving more than 80% electricity bill compared with equivalent traditional bulbs. Motion sensor light gives off a soft white glow, 3000 Kelvin, often yellow in appearance; best for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and outdoor spaces.
  • Motion Sensor Outdoor Lighting: The 4th generation of Sengled PAR38 Motion Sensor Outdoor Light built-in high-quality PIR motion sensor. It will automatically light on and last for about 90 seconds in dark conditions when the moving object is detected at a certain range, whether moving objects are humans, cars, or animals. It can act as a security light by installing a camera beside it to keep your home safe at night.
  • Auto ON/OFF and Always On Mode: Motion sensor light bulbs built-in Photocell Sensor, which enables the bulb to stay off during the day and automatically light up when movement is detected at night. Or, by quickly flipping the power switch off and back on within one second, you can turn the Motion Detection Mode to Always On Mode. This enables the LED bulb to stay on in dark environments, just like an ordinary bulb, regardless of whether the movement is detected. More convenient and practical for both indoor-outdoor use.
  • UL Wet Listed Certified: Rated for Wet Locations, the Sengled PAR38 motion activated light is ok to hang where it will come into direct contact with water. Motion detector lights for outside uses waterproof seals to protect internal components from moisture. Outdoors in the rain is fine.
  • Easy to Install and Handy Customer Service: The Sengled PAR38 Motion detector light bulb is the same size and shape as the PAR38 Halogen Floodlight bulb. Easy to install and transform your existing outdoor LED floodlights into motion-activated lights without the extra hardware or expense. The Sengled US-based team will offer you technical support and customer service whenever you need it.
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Sengled Motion Sensor Flood Light Outdoor Security Light PAR38

Main Features

  1. 3000K soft white and 1500 lm brightness
  2. Built-in Photocell Sensor, which enables the bulb to stay off during the day and automatically light up at night.
  3. Built-in PIR Motion Sensor. When in Motion Detection Mode, it will light on automatically and last for 90 seconds when a moving object was detected in dark condition.
  4. Features Always On Mode. This mode enables the bulb to stay on just like ordinary light.
  5. It has a 15000 hours lifespan, base on 3 hours/day.