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Shelly 1 Plus WiFi Switch Low Cost Alexa and Google Clean Contact Blue

  • New generation Bluetooth and Wi-Fi dipositive with very fast processor, fast connection, optimal integration and optimum security; for controlling lights, garage door, irrigation system, fans
  • With Shelly Plus 1, you can automatically control the control of lights, garage door, irrigation system, air conditioning systems.
  • Thanks to the Bluetooth connection, you can now add devices very easily and in no time with the Shelly Cloud app.
  • Shelly Plus 1 supports TLS encryption, shape and size have been standardised to be used with all switches and sockets.
  • Shelly Plus 1 requires no hub for operation and is compatible with Google and Alexa voice assistants.
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Shelly 1 Plus WiFi Switch Low Cost Alexa and Google Clean Contact Blue

Shelly Plus 1

Automatization of the lights, garage door, the irrigation system, bathroom fan, any old electrical appliances… you name it! Shelly Plus 1 has numerous applications providing enhanced smart home control. Small enough to fit behind every wall switch or wall socket, Shelly Plus 1 is retrofit and can be installed in less than 10 minutes.

Next-generation Shelly

Enjoy supreme home automation and control with the new generation Shelly devices – Shelly Plus!

Shelly smart relays now come with perfected electrical appliances control through an extremely fast processor, quicker connectivity, improved integration, and enhanced safety!

You can now add devices easily via Bluetooth connection, using Shelly Cloud App. Shelly Plus line supports TLS encryption, HTTP/HTTPS webhooks and scripting,

Automate the lights and make them follow your schedule

Make any light switch smart with Shelly Plus 1 and control it through your phone or with voice assistant. Set automated scenes based on hour or sunset/sunrise, or using schedules. This way you can set the porch lights to switch on around the time you come home from work, or the lights in your hallway to switch off once it is past your family’s bed hour. And don’t worry – light switches can still be used manually to suit the needs of everyone in your home.

Easily control the garage door at home no matter where you are!

Easily automate your garage door and control it no matter where you are! Shelly Plus 1 has operational voltages of 12V DC and 24-48V DC, which makes it perfect for garage door control.

Automate your irrigation system based on the weather

Having a beautiful garden is not an easy task, especially when you have tons of other responsibilities during the day. Thanks to scripting functionalities and Shelly Plus 1 you can automate your irrigation system to follow the weather conditions and water your garden only when it is sunny, skipping the rainy days.