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Zooz 700 Series Z-Wave Universal Relay ZEN17 for Awnings, Garage Doors, Sprinklers, and More | 2 NO-C-NC Relays (20A, 10A) | Signal Repeater | Hub Required (Compatible with SmartThings and Hubitat)

Product Details:

Data Transfer Rate908.42 MHz
Included ComponentsZ-Wave
Item Dimensions LxWxH2 x 5 x 3.5 inches
Compatible Devices SmartThings and Hubitat
  • 2 SMART OUTPUTS: Control 2 dry contact relays independently with one Z-Wave device. Choose from normally closed (10 A) and normally open (20 A) relays to automate almost any electrical device. Connect an optional wall switch for physical on/off control or use your Z-Wave hub (required, sold separately) for wireless control. Your smart speaker is NOT a Z-Wave hub. This product is NOT supported by Wink or Z-Wave alarm panels.
  • 2 SMART INPUTS: Monitor 12-24 V or dry contact inputs separately from the dry contact outputs. Connect analog binary sensors to receive status updates in your Z-Wave hub from a connected door sensor, water sensor, HVAC system, or alarm panel. Use the inputs to trigger the outputs automatically.
  • AUTOMATE ANYTHING: Add Z-Wave connectivity to up / down DC motors in screens, motorized blinds, or awnings. Perfect to automate your garage door opener (use a single ZEN17 to control up to 2 garage doors independently), commercial gates, gas fireplace, sprinklers, doorbell, outdoor lighting, pool pump, whole house fan, and any 1-240 V device up to 20 A.
  • QUICK INSTALLATION: Power it with a 12-24 V AC/DC power source or a standard USB C cable (included) and a power supply (sold separately). Wall-mount ready. Jumper wires NOT included. Do NOT power with 110 V!
  • NEW 700 Z-WAVE: Enjoy better signal coverage and a stronger Z-Wave repeater for your mesh network with the latest 700 series chip. It comes with S2 authenticated security and SmartStart for easy pairing. Remembers and restores on/off status after power failure. Built-in auto-on and auto-off timer available if your hub supports advanced settings. The device is ETL certified and conforms with North American safety standards.
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Zooz 700 Series Z-Wave Universal Relay ZEN17 for Awnings, Garage Doors, Sprinklers, and More | 2 NO-C-NC Relays (20A, 10A) | Signal Repeater | Hub Required (Compatible with SmartThings and Hubitat)

Zooz 700 Series Z-Wave Plus Universal Relay

Add Z-Wave Anywhere

Truly a universal solution that lives up to its name! With the Universal Relay, you can turn almost any load between 0 to 240 V into a Z-Wave device. Automate garage doors, motors, pumps, and more.

The Universal Relay provides both a normally open or normally closed relay to choose from on each of the outputs. Have a reversed polarity motor? No problem! You can even use the terminals on both NC and NO relays. With a load limit of up to 20 A (1/2 hp) for NO applications and up to 10 A (1/4 hp) for NC applications, there are so many creative ways you can implement the Universal Relay in your smart home environment.

Relay Outputs

The Universal Relay utilizes dry contact relays, which allows each load to run on its own power source. Each device uses its own independent power, including the Universal Relay device itself.

Control reverse polarity motors for up-down screens, shades, or motorized awnings. You can even optimize energy use around your HVAC system through damper automation or controlling a whole-house fan.

Smart Inputs

Use the inputs on the Universal Relay to monitor analog binary sensors and other dry contact or low voltage devices.

Trigger the connected outputs with wall switches or buttons for simple physical control. Close the circuit on the ZEN17 relays with low-voltage HVAC or alarm signals. Just remember that only one input type (either 12-24 V or dry) can be connected for each output at a time.

With advanced functionality, you can separate the inputs from the outputs to utilize the Universal Relay for monitoring purposes instead of triggering a device. You can then program how each input device will display in your hub (open/close, motion, water, or on/off reporting device) to turn your Universal Relay into a smart monitor with 2 independently controllable outputs.