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Zooz Z-Wave Plus Power Switch ZEN15 for 110V AC Units, Sump Pumps, Humidifiers, and More

About this item

  • POWERFUL PLUG: The only Z-Wave Plug that lets you safely control and monitor heavy-duty 110V appliances from your Z-Wave smart home system. Connect your refrigerator, humidifier or dehumidifier, AC unit, fan, sump pump, or a gas clothes dryer to Z-Wave. NEW: 45 degree angled plug so you can fit 2 Smart Switches in a single receptacle!
  • POWERFUL Z-WAVE: With built-in Z-Wave Plus signal repeater and range test tool, the Power Switch will boost your whole Z-Wave network while keeping it protected with AES signal encryption.
  • POWERFUL CONTROL: Monitor energy use of connected appliances in live mode or over time with W, kWh, A, and V reports (your Z-Wave hub needs to support this feature). NOTE: It is NOT a power outage monitor! Quick status reports to the controller and on/off state recovery after power failure.
  • POWERFUL HARDWARE: Made from high-quality components that will last, even when it's very cold or very hot (14° - 104°F, indoor use only). ETL certified: complies with North American electrical safety standards. Extra-thick flexible cord is perfect for installations with no immediate access to a receptacle.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Use the Power Switch with any certified Z-Wave gateway for simple on/off control (Wink, Z-Wave alarm panels). Advanced settings and energy monitoring available for open systems only, including Vera, SmartThings (custom device handler required, contact seller first), HomeSeer, and Fibaro Home Center Lite.
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Zooz Z-Wave Plus Power Switch ZEN15 for 110V AC Units, Sump Pumps, Humidifiers, and More

Zooz Z-Wave Plus Power Switch ZEN15

The Power Switch might just be your ideal Z-Wave device:

  • BUILT STRONG: High inrush currents require durable hardware made to last. The Power Switch is designed and built according to North American electrical safety standards. It’s equipped with a sturdy, thick electrical cord and hard shell to handle the more powerful appliances in your home.
  • IT’S INNOVATIVE: Make the most of this feature-packed Z-Wave switch. Test signal strength and view real-time power consumption of your most energy-thirsty appliances using the colorful LED indicator (advanced energy monitoring is available on select hubs).
  • IT’S SIMPLE: It’s Plug-N-Play, pretty much! Wide Z-Wave hub compatibility and fast auto-inclusion mean all it takes to get started with your Power Switch is to plug it into a grounded receptacle.
  • IT’S SO MUCH MORE: Built-in range extender, on/off status recovery along with the capacity for customized scenes and events make the Power Switch the answer to advanced automation of your large (and small!) appliances.