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Aeotec TriSensor, Z-Wave Plus S2 Enabled Zwave Motion Sensor, Temperature, Light Sensor, Work with Zwave Hub Smartthings 3-in 1 Security System, Battery Powered

  • 3-in 1 Motion, Temperature, Light sensor. Motion sensor accurate to 23 feet, TriSensor also detects temperature -10~50°C / 14~122°C with accracy of ±1°C, 0~30000 LUX with ±3% accracy.
  • Wireless and Cordless. Powered by 1 x CR123A battery, estimated battery life: 1 Year. Battery not packed with the box.
  • Adjustable calibration. Craft your own smart home with 3 levels of detecting calibration.
  • Compatible with certified Z-Wave gateways including: Samsung SmartThings, Vera, Zipabox, Open Z-Wave, Homeseer HS3, Domoticz, Isy994i ZW universal controller and more.
  • Z-Wave Plus and Z-Wave S2 certified for quicker response time, better wireless range up to 490 feet in open space, and additional wireless security encryption. Z-Wave Plus certification number: ZC10-18056128.

    ZWave motion sensor compatible with SmartThings

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Aeotec TriSensor, Z-Wave Plus S2 Enabled Zwave Motion Sensor, Temperature, Light Sensor, Work with Zwave Hub Smartthings 3-in 1 Security System, Battery Powered

ZWave motion sensor compatible with SmartThings

Every Z-Wave smart home depends on data for truly intelligent automation; automation that makes a smart home actually smart, responsive, and secure. TriSensor provides your smart home with its 3 most essential pieces of intelligence.

3 different sensors are crafted into TriSensor’s impossibly small finish. A Motion Sensor to monitor a room’s occupancy, a temperature sensor to manage its environment, and a light intensity sensor to manage connected lighting.

Motion Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Light Sensor.

Motion Sensor.

Useful as a Z-Wave automation or security sensor, TriSensor detects motion with accuracy up to 23 feet – 40% bigger than its nearest competitors.

Temperature Sensor.

Automate your home’s heating and cooling; read real-time temperatures in rooms between 14~122°F with accuracy of ±1°C.

Light Sensor.

Automate your home’s lights; read and analyse how bright lights are in a room between 0 to 30000 LUX with ±3% accuracy.

Perfect scene trigger.

TriSensor is one of the best sensors that helps trigger your home automation scenes with other devices.

Walking in a room and lights up when it’s dark, works with your thermo controller to keep your room neither cold or hot, keep your house safe when unexpected intruder comes.

Highest level of security.

TriSensor is Z-Wave’s only 3-in-1 sensor to offer the very best level of security: S2. Making it perfect as a security and alarm sensor, S2 means that TriSensor has anti-hacking features including AES-128 bit encryption and ECDH key exchange. TriSensor and S2 keeps your home smart and secure.

TriSensor’s Z-Wave Plus and S2 features also a 50% reduction in wireless power-consumption versus older Z-Wave devices and a wireless range up to 67% greater.

Easy setup and flexible installation.

At only 1.77 inches in size and weighing only 50 grams, TriSensor is really small. That means it can be placed almost anywhere in your home. TriSensor offers 4 different installation possibilities: in a corner, as a shelf sensor, as a beam sensor, or recessed in a ceiling cavity with Aeotec’s Recessor (available separately).

ZWave hub required

TriSensor uses Z-Wave Plus to communicate wirelessly. That means you’ll need a Z-Wave hub to use it.

Visit to find out which hubs TriSensor works with. Some software and gateways which SmartThings is compatible with include Aeotec AutoPilot, Aeotec Smart Home Hub, Fibaro, HomeSeer, SmartThings, and Vera.