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Aeotec Z-Wave Nano Dimmer

  • Adds Z-Wave wireless control to an existing switch to dramatically improve the lighting in your home.
  • Slim Design. Wires to an existing in-wall switch and installs invisibly behind it.
  • Flexible wiring options. Works with or without a neutral wire.
  • Designed with an in-built surge and overload protector.
  • Strong wireless signal with a range up to 492 feet from your contoller - easily passes through walls.
Turn your existing light switches into remote-controlled Smart Dimmer Switches with the Aeotec Nano Smart Dimmer Switches, Gen5. This newly improved mini controller is 60% smaller than previous versions and offers unbeatable connectivity and performance.
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Aeotec Z-Wave Nano Dimmer

Make all your lights smart lights!

Perfect lighting is a part of every truly smart home. Lighting that is responsive and is always just the right brightness. Light that is on when you need it, and off when you don’t. The Aeotec Nano Dimmer makes this dream a reality.

The Nano Dimmer receives on/off commands for the light as an individual module or as part of a scene. It also accepts dim/brighten commands when used with dimmable bulbs. The dimmer is compatible with LED, halogen, incandescent, CFLs, and fluorescent bulbs.

As part of Aeotec’s Generation 5 series, the Nano Dimmer brings improved connectivity and performance. Gen 5 technology is the cutting edge of Z-Wave technology, featuring the widest Z-Wave compatibility possible as well as enhanced security, battery life, and signal strength.

The Nano Dimmer uses existing wires, whether the wiring is simple or complex. Use the switch in single-pole, leading or trailing edge, and 2 and 3-wire installations.

  • New Lights: If you’ve installed new lights there’s no need to worry since the Nano Dimmer’s firmware can be updated wirelessly.
  • Faster Lighting: The Nano Dimmer changes lights 250% faster than older generations.
  • Gen5: Powered by Z-Wave Plus, the Nano Dimmer is built with Aeotec’s Gen5 technology.
  • Gateway: Even if your gateway is down, Nano Dimmer can still be controlled and automated due to its auto timers and settings.
  • Dimming: Nano Dimmer can be dimmed at 1% increments, from 0% to 100% brightness for perfect dimming levels.
  • Smooth Dimming: Customizable ramp rate means the Nano Dimmer can brighten or dim as fast or smooth as you like.
  • Fan Control: The Nano Dimmer can control ceiling fans as powerful as 100 watts. It can control on/off functionality and their speeds.
  • Wireless Control: Nano Dimmer has a 150-metre point-to-point wireless range that performs flawlessly.
  • Slim Design: With a slim shell measuring 20mm, Nano Dimmer fits easily behind existing wall switches.
  • Signal Strength: With a wireless signal that is 2.5dBM stronger, the Nano Dimmer can be paired with a generic DIN housing/module box for DIN rail compatibility.
  • Secure Lighting: Built on Z-Wave Gen5 technology, Nano Dimmer is suited for outdoor use because it features banking-grade encryption.